1. Baustellenbericht

1. Baustellenbericht aus dem Konsortium

Partner: FfE, Bayernwerk Netz GmbH, EEBUS Initiative e.V., EWE Netz, Flavia IT Management GmbH, Power Plus Communications AG, Schneider Electric, Stiftung Umweltenergierecht, Stadtwerke München, Tennet, The Mobility House GmbH, University of Kassel, University of Passau, BMW | Subproject: harmon-e, heav-e, sun-e, cit-e-life, Grid, Research | Keywords: Construction report, Challenges
Published: 2023/03 | E²Link:

Marketing of Small-scale Assets in Germany – Current and Future Challenges and Opportunities

Poster presentation at the IEWT 2023 in Vienna

Partner: FfE | Subproject: Research | Keywords: Flexibility, Commercialization
Published: 2023/03 | E²Link:

The System Architecture for Use Case Visualization (German: Die Systemarchitektur zur Use Case Visualisierung)

Title in full length: The System Architecture for Use Case Visualization - A Comparison between Digital Platforms and Intelligent Electromobility (German: Die Systemarchitektur zur Use Case Visualisierung - Ein Vergleich zwischen digitalen Plattformen und intelligenter Elektromobilität) Poster presentation at the IEWT 2023 in Vienna

Partner: FfE | Subproject: harmon-e, Research | Keywords: Use Cases, Visualization
Published: 2023/03 | E²Link:

Synergies of Electric Vehicle Multi-Use: Analyzing the Implementation Effort for Use Case Combinations in Smart E-Mobility

Paper im Journal energies (MDPI)

Partner: FfE | Subproject: Research | Keywords: Use Cases, Multi-Use
Published: 2023/03 | E²Link:

Grid-serving charging of electric vehicles - concepts from the unIT-e² project (German: Netzdienliches Laden von Elektrofahrzeugen - Konzepte aus dem Projekt unIT-e²)

Concept paper on the consultation process on §14a EnWG of the Federal Network Agency

Subproject: harmon-e, heav-e, sun-e, cit-e-life | Keywords: Regulation, Gridserving charging process
Published: 2023/01 | E²Link:

Local Power Grids at Risk – An Experimental and Simulation-based Analysis of Attacks on Vehicle-To-Grid Communication

ACSAC '22: Proceedings of the 38th Annual Computer Security Applications ConferenceDecember 2022

Partner: Fraunhofer SIT | Subproject: harmon-e | Keywords: Grid
Published: 2022/12 | DOI: rg/doi/10.1145/3564625.3568136 | E²Link:

Reviewing comparative life cycle assessments for battery electric vs. internal combustion engine vehicles for passenger cars

Contribution at the conference ENERDAY at TU Dresden

Partner: FfE, RWTH Aachen | Subproject: Research | Keywords: Life cycle assessment, Global warming potential
Published: 2022/09 | E²Link:

Congestion Management: More than Redispatch 2.0 - Concepts in International Comparison

BWK article and FfE homepage article

Partner: FfE | Subproject: Research | Keywords: Redispatch, Flex markets, Flexibility, Frequency control
Published: 2022/09 | E²Link:

Attitudes of the German population toward electromobility in a time series comparison

Homepage CENTOURIS (Institute of the University of Passau)

Partner: University of Passau | Subproject: sun-e | Keywords: Acceptance, Public participation
Published: 2022/07 | E²Link:

Comparison of European electricity market designs

Conference contribution at GSM 2022 in Luzern

Partner: FfE | Subproject: Research | Keywords: Regulation, Market design, International
Published: 2022/07 | E²Link:

Network tariff reform - The path to flexibility and sector coupling? (German: Netzentgeltreform – Der Weg zu Flexibilität und Sektorenkopplung?)

Presentation at House of Energy online forum

Partner: Stiftung Umweltenergierecht | Subproject: Research | Keywords: Grid, Regulation
Published: 2022/06 | E²Link:

Design and application of the unIT-e² project use case methodology

EVS35 Oslo

Partner: FfE | Subproject: Research | Keywords: Use Cases
Published: 2022/04 | E²Link:

Incentives for Grid-Serving Charging Behavior in Europe - Different Countries, Same Challenges (German: Anreize für netzdienliches Ladeverhalten in Europa - Andere Länder, gleiche Herausforderungen)

Article in BWK magazine

Partner: FfE | Subproject: Research | Keywords: Grid, Regulation
Published: 2022/01 | E²Link:

unIT-e²: Intelligently networking electromobility

Blog post on the website of Flavia IT Management GmbH

Partner: Flavia IT Management GmbH | Subproject: heav-e | Keywords: Living lab
Published: 2021/12 | E²Link:

Real labs: catalyst for the transformation of energy infrastructure (German: Reallabore: Katalysator für die Transformation der Energieinfrastruktur )

Homepage article of Stiftung Klimaschutz & Energie

Partner: FfE, Stadtwerke München | Subproject: Research | Keywords: Living lab
Published: 2021/10 | E²Link:

General system

Article in 50.2 Magazine

Partner: FfE | Subproject: Research | Keywords: Living lab, Field test
Published: 2021/08 | E²Link:

Incentive-based redispatch - a current scientific classification (German: Anreizbasierter Redispatch - eine aktuelle wissenschaftliche Einordnung)

Submission to national journal, e.g. ZEFE or ET

Partner: Tennet | Subproject: Research